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Folkart Slovakia Fujara flutes

- collapsible overtone bass flutes -

Folkart Slovakia thrives hard to maintain the best quality-to-price ratio by careful wood selection and curing process, effective use of modern technologies as well as precise hand work, employing the best of the Fujara crafting know-how accumulated in Slovakia over centuries.

There are two basic lines of
Folkart Slovakia Fujara flutes :

FS FuYara (equal tempered Fujara) - Concert Fujara. This model line is aimed at professional musicians that want the best sounding and tuned fujara flute available.

FS Fujara (well tempered Fujara) - Excellent+ Fujara. A bit cheaper but still excellent+ fujara for those who would like to compromise a bit of the sound and tuning and to save some money.

Fujara flutes:

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Folkart Slovakia FuYara (well tempered fujara)

We make following MODELS of FS FuYara :

Grade - concert: 

  1. Lathe-turned FS FuYara, made from ash, maple or locust tree
    - split in three parts:
  2. Hand-bored FS FuYara, made from natural piece of elder tree
    - split in two or three parts:
Fujara assessment:  
  • Overtones:
  • Voice:        
  • Playability:  
  • Tuning:      
    Final Grade: 5.00

Folkart Slovakia Fujara (well tempered fujara)

We make following MODELS of FS Fujara :

Grade - excellent+:

  1. Lathe-turned FS Fujara, crafted from ash, maple or locust tree
    - split in three parts:
  2. Hand-bored FS Fujara, bored from natural piece of elder tree
    - split in two or three parts:
Fujara assessment:
  • Overtones:
  • Voice:        
  • Playability:  
  • Tuning:      
    Final Grade: 4.55

FS lathe-turned Fujara& FuYara body is turned from hand-chosen quality upland wood. The fipple (the heart&soul of a fujara flute) is finished solely by hand, achieving thus unbeatable quality-to-price ratio among all of the Fujara flutes available on the market.

FS hand-bored Fujara& FuYara are purely hand made from natural piece of upland elder tree, preserving its original bent shape (of the particular piece of wood used), together with its structure, timber, and harmonics.

FS collapsible fujara flutes are fully comparable (and mostly superior) to their "whole" one-piece counterparts, are better suited for transportation and are SHIPPED WORLDWIDE FREE OF CHARGE.

FAQ - collapsible versus whole (traditional) fujara flutes ...
FAQ - how to care for a collapsible fujara ?

Free courier shipping worldwide !

All Folkart Slovakia Fujara flutes and Fujaridoos are shipped worldwide free of charge. There are no additional costs beside the instrument's price. Standard package includes:

Aircraft friendly reusable packaging

All Folkart Slovakia Fujara flutes are shipped in aircraft friendly reusable packaging - plastic (PVC) tube closed by removable plastic lids.

Padded carrying bag

Padded carrying bag is included with every Folkart Slovakia Fujara flute for free.

Optional wooden case

Custom-made, elegant, wooden case can be ordered for any collapsible Fujara flute or Fujaridoo for EUR 95. Recommended for collapsible Fujara flutes or Fujaridoos made in 3 parts.

Fujara flutes from one, long piece of wood are in Slovakia crafted already for centuries. Only recently, as the Fujara flute outgrew the area of Slovak shepherds and expanded beyond the borders of Slovakia, more and more people started to ask for collapsible Fujara flutes.

As the first in Slovakia, Folkart Slovakia (Fujara specialty house) pioneered in the construction of collapsible Fujara flutes and developed necessary technology to craft fine quality collapsible instruments:

First we looked for and play tested extensively all the available collapsible Fujara flutes on the market. However, to our disappointment, we found out that the quality of these Fujara flutes and especially their joints was really poor.
Thus, we grasped the opportunity to consult with the best Fujara makers already cooperating with Folkart Slovakia, and developed our own technique of crafting fine quality collapsible Fujara flutes.

As a result we achieved to craft all-round excellent+ collapsible Fujara flutes with perfectly sealing and long-lasting joints.

FS Fujara - Official gift of Slovak Republic:

Audio samples:

Our efforts were justified not only by our satisfied customers. Ivan Gasparovic, the president of Slovak Republic, has chosen Folkart Slovakia collapsible Fujara flutes as official gifts to his most valuable visits. Folkart Slovakia Flutes already received:

  • Mr. Kwasniewski, president of Poland,
  • Mr. George Bush, president of USA,
  • and many our satisfied customers like you and me :)
You can order our custom made wooden case for any collapsible fujara crafted by different maker as well.
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