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Natural Beauty Fujara

( ash , locust, maple, elder tree )

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Natural Beauty Fujara Flutes (NBF) are not only naturally beautiful but also naturally well sounding.

Specially selected pieces of wood with marvelous wood grain are finished according special recipe pinpointing its natural beauty. Natural Beauty Fujara Flutes are kind of Fujara delicatessen made from non-traditional but acoustically responsive upland woods.

You definitely cannot find similar looking and sounding Fujara flutes elsewhere!

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Natural Beauty Fujara Flutes, category - very good+:
        » FREE shipping within EU «

  • Key of G (174 cm / 68" long) - ash , locust, maple, elder - EUR 499
  • Key of A (150 cm / 59" long) - ash , locust, maple, elder - EUR 449
Fujara assessment:
  • Overtones:
  • Voice:        
  • Playability:  
  • Tuning:       
    Final Grade: 3,4

There are no additional cost besides the instrument's price:

Within the price you will get your Natural Beauty Fujara flute, padded carrying bag and have it delivered by courier directly to your door.

Choose your Natural Beauty Fujara Flute from any of these woods: Ash, Locust, Maple and Elder tree. Every Natural Beauty Fujara Flute (NBF) can come in light or dark finish.

However, it would be wise to ask first by email what kinds of Natural Beauty Fujara Flute we have on stock while it can take very long to finish one. Ask by email:

Other Fujara keys can be supplied upon request. Fujara flute keys explained in FAQ's.

Not every day we can find such a marvelous piece of wood, thus the production is very limited. We can make only as many Natural Beauty Fujara Flutes as the nature let us.

Drilling out a Fujara flute:

All the Fujara flutes in Slovakia are hand-bored by very long drills. The selected piece of wood is drilled out successively several times:
The suitable piece of wood is first hand-bored by a thinner drill to make a leading channel for bigger drills. Then, it is bored again and again by successively bigger and bigger diameter drills, until the needed bore diameter is reached.

The drilling process of Natural Beauty Fujara flutes is even more demanding:

Traditionally used wood for Fujara flutes, the elder tree, has in its middle softer-core which helps leading the first bore. However, Natural Beauty Fujara Flutes are made from all kinds of acoustically suitable hard woods that doesn't have this soft core to lead the drill. Only the long years of Fujara making experience enables us to make these Fujara flutes. The sensitive finishing of the Fujara wood according our special recipe only pinpoints the whole work.

That by boring out the Fujara, the drill comes out in the middle of wood or the side wall gets too thin spoiling thus the whole work, happens sometimes to all Fujara makers. It is a normal thing even with elder-tree and every Fujara maker knows this feeling. By Natural Beauty Fujara flutes this is kind of rule, so here helps only great deal of patience and many years of experience:

Only one of two pieces of drilled wood can be finished to a marvelous looking and fine sounding Fujara flute offered on this page.
Therefore it would be wise to check out first the available Natural Beauty Fujara flutes before ordering.

Only the best sounding Natural Beauty Fujara flutes with even bore and sound side walls find their way to our selection listed on - Fujara gallery.
This general rule applies to all Fujara bass overtone flutes offered in our Fujara galleries. Only with such careful selection we can offer a life-time free repair of small cracks or minor flute voice degradation resulting from bad material or manufacture of our Fujara flutes: Find out more on Fujara flute repairs and voice improvement

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