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Whistle ( 6-hole )

Shepherd pipe is an end blown fipple flute about one feet in length with six holes bored along the side held upwards.

Flutes of this type are in Slovakia very commonly played and, because of having finger holes (on contrary to overtone flute), are used to play more intricate and highly ornamented songs and melodies.

The player blows through the fipple on the top end and covers the finger holes with the first three fingers of each hand.

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6-hole whistle is a diatonic instrument, meaning that itís designed to serve up seven-note "diatonic" scales (rather than chromatic scales that include all of the notes within an octave). This make the whistle most suitable for traditional folk tunes and pop melodies ...

Slovak whistles are made of natural piece of upland elder tree about one to two feet in length. The maker bores out the inside to the proper diameter and then plugs the top end and creates the airway and edge for tone production creating thus a fipple sound device . The bore is cylindrical. The finger holes are measured and cut, and intricate carving or coloring may be added to individualize the instrument.

Pricelist - key, lenght :

natural: carved: audio samples:
6-hole whistle D - 58 cm (23")   124 EUR   182 EUR
6-hole whistle E - 54 cm (21")   106 EUR   156 EUR
6-hole whistle F - 48 cm (19")   88 EUR   132 EUR
6-hole whistle G - 43 cm (17")   80 EUR   124 EUR
6-hole whistle A - 39 cm (15")   76 EUR   112 EUR
6-hole whistle H - 35 cm (14")   74 EUR   110 EUR
6-hole whistle C - 32 cm (13")   70 EUR   100 EUR
6-hole whistle D - 28 cm (11")   68 EUR   98 EUR

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Shipping costs (1 to 8 shepherd pipes):

  • EUR 26 (neigbouring countries)
  • EUR 35 (EU, USA, Canada)
  • EUR 74 (pacific region)

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