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Overtone Rich Fujara

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The only concert Fujara flutes available in Slovakia are those, having robust but still subtly balanced and rich overtone spectrum. Such precious flutes have in Slovakia value of gold!

Overtone Rich Fujara Flutes are crafted with great care, patience and love to allow easy overblowing to gorgeously sounding, rich multiphonics:

  • Currently the richest and most "mature" sounding Fujara flutes available!
  • Very breath efficient - you can play longer or stronger with one breathful achieving thus extraordinary dynamic range.
  • Superior lowest Fujara octave - robust and louder tones.

Fujara flutes:

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Shepherd Pipes:

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Pleasant rich overtone spectrum of these fujara flutes gives immense satisfactory feeling for the player as well as the listener and make the fujara playing almost mystical experience (vast richness of overtones vibrate within the body arousing thus an extraordinary state of mind).

All Overtone Rich Fujara flute are carefully assessed according to their sound quality and divided into these sound categories:

Overtone Rich Fujara Flutes, category - concert :

              » FREE shipping within EU «
Fujara grade:

Ideal fujara flute. Amazing rich overtone spectrum, mature haunting voice, breath efficient but still with perfect playability, excellent tuning.

  • Overtones:
  • Voice:        
  • Playability:   
    • Breath:      
  • Tuning:       traditional
    Final grade: 5.00
 OR Fujara Pricelist - natural finish:
  • Key of F (192 cm/75" long) - EUR 899
  • Key of G (174 cm/68" long) - EUR 749
  • Key of A (150 cm/59" long) - EUR 599
Audio Samples:

We are able produce only 6 to 8 concert Fujara flutes a year.

Overtone Rich Fujara Flutes, category - excellent+ :

              » FREE shipping within EU «
Fujara grade:

Almost ideal fujara flute, halfway between excellent and concert grade: either slightly shallower overtone spectrum or more breathy voice or "only" excellent playability, very good or excellent tuning.

  • Overtones: ,
  • Voice:        ,
  • Playability:   ,
    • Breath:      
  • Tuning:       traditional
    Final grade: 4.40 - 4.55
OR Fujara pricelist, natural finish:
  • Key of F (192 cm/ 75" long) - EUR 599
  • Key of G (174 cm/ 68" long) - EUR 519
  • Key of A (150 cm/ 59" long) - EUR 439
    Audio Samples:


Order now

There are no additional costs besides the instrument's price !

Within the price you will get your Overtone Rich Fujara flute, padded carrying bag and have it delivered by courier directly to your door.


Overtone Rich Fujara flutes are finished in these variations:


Natural finish (dark brown) - Fujara wood is stained to dark brown and finished in natural lacquer (shellac).


Acid etched - Rich ornaments are hand carved into the fujara wood and then are colored drop after drop by special acid lotion. Afterwards it is finished in natural lacquer (shellac).


For acid etched Fujara flutes, please add the following sums to the price of standard, natural finished fujara flute of particular sound category >>>

Pricelist of acid etching :

  • Fujara in key of F + EUR 269
  • Fujara in key of G + EUR 219
  • Fujara in key of A + EUR 189

Mr. Pavol Smutny

The maker of these extraordinary overtone bass flutes caresses his Fujaras as it were a woman and crafts "she†" alive :
"Life is a present. For me it is of great value, that already in the cradle, embraced by the soft whisper of leaves in the fields, I was listening from distance to the ringing of sheep bells and beautiful voice of Fujara, which was born where was I. God created the world so that the life on earth was happy. For all that, whatever you do, do that in the name of God and to his glory as the thanksgiving for being along. I tune Fujara by heart and then, in turn, she heals and brings peace, and thereby embellishes the world. So was the will of God and this way I want it too."

† In Slovak language Fujara is "she". So when a slovak speaks about fujara he refers to it as "her" or "she".

Rule of thumb is that the more breath efficient the Fujara flute is, the harder it is to play and vice versa:

top of the page!Usually, more open and breathy Fujaras are less sensitive and thus have better playability (more stars) and vice versa. Although this might be very desirable for the beginners, more advanced players should better choose breath efficient Fujara flutes as are the Overtone Rich Fujara flutes, even if they are more sensitive and thus require more precise breath.

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