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Deep Cut Fujara

» FREE shipping WORLDWIDE «

Beautiful ornaments are hand cut into the Fujara flute's surface creating thus an original woodcarving piece of work of each instruments.

"Deep Cut" represents a demanding extension of traditional Fujara decoration techniques: usual folk Fujara ornaments are not only traditionally carved into the Fujara wood, but actually cut by hand deep into the wood.

Fujara flutes:

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Visual sophistication, and application of traditional elements embodied in perfect craftsmanship are wedded in these Deep Cut Fujara Flutes and so they are predetermined to become valuable artifacts of authentic folk art for the owner.

Besides more traditional Fujara decoration techniques like carving, acid pickling or metal inlaying, "Deep Cut" presents a new element in surface finish of Fujara flutes and one cannot find similar anywhere else.

Deep Cut Fujara, sound category - very good:

  • Key of G (172 cm / 68" long) - EUR 899 (FREE shipping WORLDWIDE)
  • Key of A (150 cm / 59" long) - EUR 799 (FREE shipping WORLDWIDE)

There are no additional costs besides the instrument's price:

Within the price you will get your Deep Cut Fujara flute, padded carrying bag and have it delivered by courier directly to your door

Fujara flute voice improvement:

For additional 120 EUR we can enhance the overtones, voice and playability of any Fujara flute presented in this gallery to excellent level:

  • Overtones:
  • Voice:        
  • Playability:  
However, we cannot change the fujara's key or its overall tuning.

» Find out more on Fujara flute repairs and Fujara voice improvement.



  Since "deep cut" is very strenuous and demanding decoration technique, production of these Fujara flutes is limited to only 24 a year.




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