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Sound categories

According to overall workmanship and foremost by the sound quality, Folkart Slovakia divides the Fujaras presented into the bellow listed categories.

Since all the presented Fujara flutes in our Fujara instrument gallery are handmade woodwind instrumets, every Fujara overtone bass flute is different. However, every Fujara flute is unique and there are no identical Fujara flutes even from the same maker. Every Fujara has its own unforgetable voice and sound characteristics. Thus, every Fujara flute offered in our Fujara instrument gallery is play-tested and assesed individually to determine its sound category.


At folkart Slovakia we stock only:
good, very good, excellent and concert grade fujara overtone bass flutes.

: concert
Lucky coincidence of perferct piece of wood and flawless wormanship.

: excellent
Excellent overall workmanship combined with perfect sound - smooth overtones and haunting voice. Excellent class Fujara flutes are normally used on public performances.

: very good
Excellent overall workmanship, but according to traditional standards, with some minor flaws in sound character - e.g. a bit more noisy or weaker voice or thinner overtone spectrum.

: good
Good playing fujara bass flute, with more flaws in sound character. Still very good overall workmanship. Suitable for occational amateur playing.

: poor
Major sound flaws - shallow overtones not allowing a good scatter or too much grain or something from both, only an average overall workmanship.

: poor
Not playing well, poor overall craftsmanship.
Special category: Fujaras as decoration. In Slovakia there are available many splendid decorated Fujaras with poor sound only, since many fujara flute makers put too much emphasis on the Fujara's look, and do not possess the skills to produce good sounding flutes. These Fujara flutes are much cheaper, so if you wish your fujara to be used for decoration only, they can be your choise. We can supply them on request:

As you may notice we use more sound categories for good-to-perfect fujaras /together 4/ than for average or poor ones /together 2/. Since Fokart Slovakia cooperates only with the best Slovak Fujara makers it would be useless to have more than one category for poor fujaras :)

>> How we grade our Fujara flutes ?


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