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» Exclusive Folkart Slovakia (FS) product «

Fujaridoo combines FUJARA (overtone bass flute) and DIDGERIDOO in one collapsible woodwind instrument.

With Fujaridoo you can rebuild the excellent quality Fujara flute into fine traveling didgeridoo in seconds:The Fujaridoo keystone lies in Folkart Slovakia Fujara Flute (natural or lathe-turned) in key of G, which can be rebuilt into Didgeridoo by two additional extensions - didgeridoo bell and mouthpiece.

Fujaridoo models:


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Natural Fujaridoo

- 2 parts -
Package includes: Fujaridoo, padded carrying bag.

Hand-bored from natural piece of elder tree,
FS Fujara, hand-bored in 3 parts, collapsible didgeridoo from 2 parts + mouthpiece + bell.

  • FS Fujara flute in key of G (170cm / 68"), natural
    sound category: excellent+
  • Didgeridoo in key of C, medium back-presure

Price of natural Fujaridoo: EUR 599 (free EMS shipping)
Optional wooden carrying box: EUR 150

Lathe-turned Fujaridoo

- 3 parts, in case -
Package includes: Fujaridoo, wooden case, Fujara audio CD.

Machine turned piece of upland ash or locust tree,
fujara flute from 3 parts, didgeridoo from 3 parts + mouthpiece.

  • FS Fujara flute in key of G (170cm / 68"), lathe-turned
    sound category: excellent+
  • Didgeridoo in key of C, medium back-presure

Price of turned Fujaridoo: EUR 699 (free EMS shipping)
Comes in wooden carrying box (valued EUR 150).

Fujaridoo achieves more compact design while the same sized Fujara flute (173 cm / 68") and the didgeridoo (133 cm / 52") can be collapsed into 3 parts. Didgeridoo sound and ease of play in both Fujaridoo models remains the same.

Now the ease of play, voice timber and overtone richness make the overall quality of Fujaridoo's Fujara flute comparable to any whole (non-collapsible) Fujara flute in concert sound category.
The sound of the didgeridoo remains surprisingly good as well. Still, the Fujaridoo's didje is not intended as a concert instrument, but more like a collapsible wooden traveling didje to take with on your roads.

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