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Folkart Slovakia FuYara

» well tempered fujara flute «

FUYARA is a special kind of traditional slovak fujara flute which has been redesigned to meet all the requirements a modern musician can have on a musical instrument:

Impeccable tuning:
FS FuYara is playing well tempered diatonic major
- on G key Fujara from g (G3) - g² (G5)

  • Superior sound quality:
    Typical fujara ornaments, "multiphonics" as whoosh and scatter are robust, rich on overtones and well balanced in overtone-spectrum.
  • Outstanding playability:
    Great responsiveness, wide dynamic range, superior breath efficiency, resulting in smooth playability.
  • Stable quality:
    All Folkart Slovakia FuYara flutes are top quality, with no worse playing pieces

Fujara flutes:

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Shepherd Pipes:

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There are two models of Folkart Slovakia FuYara flutes:

Grade - concert:

  1. Lathe-turned FS FuYara, crafted from ash or maple tree
    - split in three parts (15% DISCOUNT) :
  2. Hand-bored FS FuYara, bored from natural piece of elder tree
    - split in two or three parts (15% DISCOUNT) :
Fujara assessment:
  • Overtones:
  • Voice:        
  • Playability:  
  • Tuning:      
    Final Grade: 5.00

FS lathe-turned Fujara's body is turned from hand-chosen quality upland wood. The fipple, which is the heart & soul of every fujara flute, is finished solely by hand achieving thus unbeatable quality-to-price ratio among all Fujara flutes available on the market.

FS hand-bored Fujara is purely hand made from natural piece of upland elder-tree, preserving original bent shape of the particular piece of wood, together with its structure, timber, as well as harmonics.

Free courier shipping worldwide !

All Folkart Slovakia Fujara flutes and Fujaridoos are shipped worldwide free of charge. There are no additional costs beside the instrument's price. Standard package includes:

Aircraft friendly reusable packaging

All Folkart Slovakia Fujara flutes are shipped in aircraft friendly reusable packaging - plastic (PVC) tube closed by removable plastic lids.

Padded carrying bag

Padded carrying bag is included with every Folkart Slovakia Fujara flute for free.

Optional wooden case

Custom-made, elegant, wooden case can be ordered for any collapsible Fujara flute or Fujaridoo for EUR 95. Recommended for collapsible Fujara flutes or Fujaridoos made in 3 parts.

As there are many musicians who are eager to use the fujara with other "western tuned" instruments, we have tried to meet their need for a well tuned fujara. After many trials and errors, we have arrived at wonderful result - Fujara playing well tempered diatonic major = FS FuYara.
So, by any means, we have now full TWO OCTAVES of well tempered diatonic major which will hopefully suffice for many :) ††

For the first time during the history of Folkart Slovakia and, we are allowing  5 stars in tuning category () with this fujara - named FuYara.
We have achieved very consistent quality of our Folkart Slovakia (FS) fujara flutes. The voice as well as the overtones (and multiphonics) of any FS fujara flute are at least as good (and getting constantly better) as in the audio samples published.

†† There is still 1 off note in FuYara major scale - e2# (E5#) in its third octave. However, this cannot be justified by any means for now (while this is simple a property of harmonic series where the sevenths are naturally flat). Luckily, this flat note is usually not used in the fujara play at all.

FS Fujara - Official gift of Slovak Republic:

Audio samples:

Our efforts were justified not only by our satisfied customers: Ivan Gasparovic, the president of Slovak Republic, has chosen Folkart Slovakia collapsible Fujara flutes as official gifts to his most valuable visits. Folkart Slovakia Flutes already received:

  • Mr. Kwasniewski, president of Poland,
  • Mr. George Bush, president of USA,
  • and many others like you and me :)
You can order our custom made wooden case for any collapsible fujara crafted by different maker as well.
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