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Koncovka is an overtone flute, similar to known "willow flute" but hand-made from quality upland wood.

Koncovka is an end-blown overtone flute without finger holes, based on the natural harmonic scale, that you reach when you blow it at different strengths. In that way, it is very easy to get started with, and it offers small melodies almost by itself, if you let it sound.

Koncovka is made in several keys from one and half to three feet in length - see our price list below.

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What you do is that you alternately open and close the lower end while you play achieving thus some 16 different tones. And you can get still further effects when you half-cover the same end, which lowers the "open" tones somewhat. After a little practicing you can play a very varied music.


The idea is, that you let the flute "do the work" when you approach it, take the tones that come out and use them to play with. It can then behave almost as it plays by itself. As the time passes, and you get to know it more and more, you also become more and more able to control the tones. "A minute to learn - a lifetime to master".

All the presented koncovka (overtone flutes) are top quality hand made musical instruments. Our koncovka are hand-bored from natural piece of upland elder tree, preserving its original bent shape together with its harmonics.
Superior feature of our FS koncovka's is the possibility to play the typical ornaments (multiphonics) as "scatter" and "whoosh" with the bottom hole open as well as closed. Any other koncovka's sold in Slovakia can usually play these ornaments (scatter and whoosh) with open bottom hole only.

Koncovka (overtone flute) - Price list:

Koncovka key - length natural carved Audio Samples:
Koncovka F - 98 cm (38")   145 EUR   220 EUR FS koncovka, key of F
Koncovka G - 87 cm (34")   140 EUR   200 EUR FS koncovka, key of G
Koncovka A - 77 cm (30")   135 EUR   190 EUR FS koncovka, key of A
Koncovka H - 67 cm (26")   125 EUR   180 EUR FS koncovka, key of H
Koncovka C - 63 cm (25")   120 EUR   170 EUR FS koncovka, key of C
Koncovka D - 58 cm (23")   115 EUR   160 EUR FS koncovka, key of D
Koncovka E - 54 cm (21")   110 EUR   155 EUR FS koncovka, key of E
Koncovka F - 48 cm (19")   105 EUR   150 EUR FS koncovka, key of F
Koncovka G - 44 cm (17")   100 EUR   140 EUR  

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Shipping costs of 1 to 8 overtone flutes (koncovka):

  • EUR 25 (neighboring countries)
  • EUR 40 (EU, USA, Canada)
  • EUR 95 (pacific region)

Koncovka in key of C - 63 cm long and with bore diameter of 16 mm plays lydical scale:
tone sequence is played by regular covering and uncovering of the bottom hole:
c c d e fis g a
o o x o x o x
- o is opened hole - x is closed.

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