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Title: <a href="">Fujara - majestic overtone flute</a>
Description: Fujara is over 5 feet long, deep-bass overtone fiple flute, with voice like no other on Earth! Fujara is very easy to play: its unique, breathing-like playing technique will lead you in improvisation and its natural harmonics will just "fit" to make almost any melody sound good. Widest selection of premium fujara flutes on-line.

Title 1: Fujara - majestic overtone flute
Title 2: Fujara - bass overtone flute
Title 3: Fujara - overtone meditation flute
Title 4: Fujara - unique 67" /1.7m/ long overtone flute!
Title 5: Fujara - the strangest, biggest and most majestic flute of Europe

Description 1: Fujara - overtone deep-bass fiple flute endowed with voice like no other on Earth! Listen to fujara audio samples, learn how to play it, about fujara flute history, meet reknowned Fujara flute makers on-line.
Description 2: Immerse yourself into magic world of Fujara overtone flute and listen to its soft bass haunting voice. Learn about Fujara history, how to play it, choose your Fujara from the most reknowned Slovak flute makers on-line.
Description 2: Didgeridoo sibling from flute family and great overtone companion. Explore the world of Fujara flute, learn how to play it, listen to audio samples, meet reknowned Fujara flute makers on-line.


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