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  Folkart Slovakia
  Contact Person: Tomas Kovac  

Tomas Kovac

Generala Viesta 26
911 01 Trencin


» Guide how to get to Folkart Slovakia in Trencin «

Please book your visit in beforehand by email or phone.

Anytime you can reach us at:

cell phone:
  +421-(0)32-390 4176
  +421-(0)911-543 211

Folkart Slovakia is Slovak FUJARA specialty house.
Our goal is to provide the best and most complete fujara flute service in Slovakia.

We believe that music lives in our hearts and we craft our music instruments and especially the Fujara flutes as the means to express it.
It is said that if you play your Fujara by heart you can't go wrong.
We wish you an exciting journey of discovering and playing out your very heart.

Brochure about Slovakia (.pdf 1.4 MB)
Brochure about High Tatras (.pdf 1.7 MB)
Brochure about Slovakian Spas (.pdf 1.3 MB)
Brochure about Bratislava capital city (.pdf 1.6 MB)

We have carefully prepared for you a beautiful selection of fujara flutes in every price category in our Fujara galleries. At any time we always store more than 40 personally chosen fujara flutes made by various chosen fujara makers. Besides cooperating with the best fujara lutiers in Slovakia, Folkart Slovakia makes its own line of collapsible fujara flutes and other slovak folk instruments. Use this unique opportunity by visiting us and personally see and directly compare the best fujara flutes in slovakia made by best fujara makers.

Folkart Slovakia product line:

  • FS Fujara flutes. Beside crafting our own line of FS collapsible fujara flutes, Folkart Slovakia cooperates externally with the best Fujara makers in Slovakia - presented in our Fujara galleries (each maker represented by one fujara model).
  • FS Fujaridoo - combination of fujara and didgeridoo in one instrument.
  • Shepherd pipes - koncovka (overtone flute), 6-hole whistle, drone whistle (combination of koncovka and 6-hole whistle)
  • Bag pipes - traditional slovak 3-voice bagpipes

The most important persons in Folkart Slovakia:

Are you interested in visiting Slovakia?

Please, see our detailed guide how to our office in Trencin. Still, contact us first in before, so that we can arrange an appointment. You can also have a look at the brochures about Slovakia above - Slovakia is very interesting country with astonishingly beautiful nature. Also, check our accommodation in beautiful area of central Slovakia, surrounded by three national natural reservations.

If you have any questions or have some special wishes we will be glad to answer them.
For more information feel free to contact:
   e-mail your

Any suggestions concerning this site are welcome. Please, report any misspellings, broken links or malfunctions you might experience.

Sincerely Yours,
Tomas Kovac

Folkart Slovakia

How to order?

To order, contact us by e-mail first. List the item(s) desired clearly including the maker and provide us with your contact information. We will be glad if you specify what you are looking for or what your expectations are as to sound and design of your fujara, so that we can advise you further.
e-mail to:

We have prepared a short guide explaining how to choose a Fujara flute:
See FAQ - how to choose?

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