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Collapsibles versus Wholes...

There are two basic Fujara flute types from which you can choose from:

Whole Fujara (overtone bass flute)

Whole Fujara bass flutes are made in Slovakia already for centuries (Fujara main pipe is made from one long piece of upland wood). Therefore, there is substantially wider choice of whole Fujara flutes in Slovakia. However the shipping costs are comparatively expensive while courier service needs to be used.
Now, all presented whole Fujara flutes are

Collapsible Fujara (overtone bass flute)

Folkart Slovakia has invested plenty of time and dedicated work to produce superior quality collapsable fujara flutes. Nowadays, Folkart Slovakia is the only maker in Slovakia able to craft stable quality collapsible Fujara flutes, with perfectly sealing and long lasting tenon joints (no reclaimation over last 5 years).

FS Collapsable Fujara flutes are made of 2 or 3 collapsible pieces of wood. Another interesting option is Fujaridoo - a smart combination of Fujara bass flute and didgeridoo.
Our FS collapsable Fujara flutes are shipped

Reference comparison of whole and collapsable Fujara flutes:


Whole Fujara flute

Collapsable Fujara flute

  Fujara main pipe is made from one long piece of wood. Fujara main pipe is divided into 2 or 3 collapsible pieces of wood.
PROS There is much wider choice and therefore better selection of whole fujara flutes in any quality as well as price level. Compact design and thus well suited for transportation, lower shipping costs.
CONS Not as suited to carry along on the roads, comparatively expencive shipping. Currently, only Folkart Slovakia is able to craft fine quality collapsable Fujara flutes. Thus the sellection is narrower.
Quality There is no difference in sound quality of whole and collapsable Fujara flutes. The quality of a Fujara flute depends solely on the craftmanship level of the maker and the particular piece of wood used.

With hundreds of amateur fujara makers producing low quality "tourist" whole fujara flutes, the chances to get superior quality whole Fujara are indeed low.

Anyway, we have already done the work and selected the best ones for you in our Fujara Galleries.

With Folkart Slovakia true dedication to quality manufacture, our FS collapsible Fujara flutes are certainly one of the best playing fujara flutes available at all !

costs :

FREE shipping within EU !


Shipped in reusable plastic tube
(aircraft-friendly packaging).

Enclosed for free: Padded Fujara flute carrying (gig) bag.

Padded Fujara flute carrying (gig) bag.


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