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Fine Melodic Fujara

( designed for best tuning and ease of play )

» FREE shipping within EU «

Fine Melodic (FM) Fujara Flutes are one of the best tuned Fujara Flutes available in Slovakia. Even the most problematic notes, that are out of tune on almost any other Fujara flute, are with Fine Melodic Fujara Flutes in tune as well.

  • Superior tuning - well suited for playing in ensemble together with other "western tuned" instruments.
  • Perfect playability - ideal to learn Fujara overtone playing technique.

Thanks to its superior playability Fine Melodic Fujara Flutes will lead your breath by helping you to hit the right note more easily.

Fujara flutes:

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Many professional Fujara players who need to play with other western tuned music instruments use these hand made, well tuned Fine Melodic Fujara flutes.

Fine Melodic Fujara Flutes are available in these variations:

  • Natural - Fujara wood is stained and finished in natural varnish.
  • Carved - Rich ornaments are hand carved by sharp knife into the fujara wood which is stained and finished in natural varnish.
  • Acid pickled - Special acid lotion is drop after drop applied onto the pre-carved ornament using a simple wooden stick, wood is finished in natural varnish.

Fine Melodic Fujara Flutes, category - excellent, natural finish:

  • Key of G (172 cm / 68" long) - EUR 499 (FREE shipping within EU)
  • Key of A (150 cm / 59" long) - EUR 449 (FREE shipping within EU)
  • Key of B (140 cm / 55" long) - EUR 389 (FREE shipping within EU)
  • Key of C (125 cm / 49" long) - EUR 339 (FREE shipping within EU)
  • Key of D (115 cm / 45" long) - EUR 299 (FREE shipping within EU)
Fujara assessment:
  • Overtones:
  • Voice:       
  • Playability:  
    • Breath:      ,
  • Tuning:      
    Final Grade: 4.25
There are no additional costs besides the instrument's price !

Within the price you will get your Fine Melodic Fujara flute, padded carrying bag and have it delivered by courier directly to your door.


Please add the following sums to the price of standard, natural finished fujara flute >>>
Fujara key: Carving: Acid etching:
Key of G + EUR 149 + EUR 199
Key of A + EUR 99 + EUR 149
Key of B + EUR 49 + EUR 99
Key of C + EUR 49 + EUR 99


Custom orders only.
Time of delivery: 1 month

Express your wishes as to the tuning or decorations, &
book your music instrument via e-mail: ,
or simply ask your question:

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Fujara flute compass is over 3 octaves

For example the range of G key fujara is G (G2) - g (G3) - g¹ (G4) - g² (G5) - #f³ (F6),
from which the lowest octave from G (G2) to g (G3) is not playable on all fujara flutes so we won't take it into the consideration in the following text.

Modern Fujara flute can play diatonic major scale by fingering the three Fujara side holes, on G fujara starting with g (G3), through g¹ (G4), to g² (G5)). All the traditional fujara melodies develop itself in these two easily playable fujara octaves, mostly around the middle of the Fujara range (d¹ - d²). Sometimes the melody is played out on the lowest notes creating thus special effect called "humming". These two basic fujara octaves are starting with 2nd and ending with 8th overtone.
On the other hand, the third - highest fujara octave, is played merely by overblowing the overtones, creating thus an harmonic scale.

There are two approaches in Fujara flute tuning, traditional and modern :

  • On traditional Fujara, its 3 fingering holes are placed on the main fujara pipe evenly, producing thus a traditional Fujara scale.
  • On modern Fujara the placement of its fingering holes is adjusted to play major diatonic scale.

Thanks to the Fujara construction and overtone playing technique, every fujara is naturally in tune with itself. Thusly, every Fujara is well suited for solo play. For playing together with other "western tuned" instruments, Fujaras marked with 5 & 4 stars in tuning should be preferred.

Fine Melodic Fujara Flutes achieve fine grade of 4 stars in tuning assessment :

  • Tuning: - Fujara flute's base note tuned precisely, all the notes in the Fujara scale are well tuned, top of the page!though not perfect.

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