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List of distributors:

Andy's Music

2300 West Belmont, Chicago 60618, Ilinois, USA

Contact person:  Alexander Duvel
Phone/fax:  +1 773 868 1234
On stock: quality Fujara flutes, koncovka (overtone flutes), whistles, drone whistles and bagpipes.

Fat Rain Music

1 Sumner Ave, Northcote 3070, VIC, Australia

Contact person:  Adam Simmons
Phone/fax:  +61 (0)3 9481 7076
ICQ:  12665086
On stock: quality Fujara flutes.

At Folkart Slovakia we store:

Fujaras - overtone bass flutes, variety of shepherd pipes as 6-hole whistles, drone whistles, koncovka (overtone flute) and bagpipes - all quality handmade and well designed music instruments for decent prices.

Please, contact us for wholesale prices and further details.

With best wishes,

Tomas Kovac
Folkart Slovakia

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