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FAQ - Maintenance of FS Collapsible Fujara flutes:

» FS Fujara, FuYara and Fujaridoo «

Should I oil my FS collapsible fujara immediately after receiving it ?

Oil your NEW FS Fujara, FuYara or Fujaridoo ONLY if you feel it is too dry inside:

The newest FS Fujara flutes are already treated from the inside and does not require as much oiling as other traditional fujara flutes. Please, do not oil your new FS Fujara, Fujaridoo or FuYara heavily and not more than once a year.

How should I assemble, disassemble my FS Collapsible Fujara ?

Push and turn the particular pieces together, to assemble/disassemble your FS Fujara safely! Avoid pushing the parts straight together, instead try to assemble/disassemble them by screwing movement !

  1. Take the two parts you want to assemble /disassemble/, one in each hand.
  2. Put your hands close to the tenon joints (5 to 15 cm away from the metal ring on one part - socket, and the cork wrapping on the other part - jack)
  3. Push and turn (screw) the particular pieces together until fitted precisely.
  4. Align the fingering holes with the fujara fipple to be in one line.

I own FS collapsible fujara in 3 parts, which part goes where ?

With collapsible fujara in 3 parts, the part with tactual holes is placed on the bottom. The part with sound device and smaller air pipe is always on the top:

  1. First goes the part with the fipple sound device and smaller air pipe (with mouthpiece hole),
  2. In the middle is the part without any holes,
  3. The last goes the part with 3 tactual holes.

First push and turn the middle part (without holes) together with the bottom part (with the 3 fingering holes). Then "screw" on the top main part (with sound device and smaller air pipe). Align the fipple (square window) on part 1 in line with fingering holes on part 3.


Should I grease the tenon joints ?

You can help yourself to undone the tenon joints more easily when you will grease it regularly:

The tenon joints should be greased with cork grease (use commercial cork grease from a music store, make your own from beeswax and vaseline mixed together hot about 50/50). 'Chap stick' or ski wax work well too.

Should I leave my FS Fujara assembled all the time unless I am traveling or should I take it apart at the end of each day ?

You do not have to disassemble your collapsible fujara every day, but also do not leave it assembled for a half year:
In the long time the tenon joints can get stuck and you could have problem disassembling your collapsible fujara. To prevent it, just twist (& turn) the joints on your assembled fujara once a week a bit, only to make them slide again.
ALWAYS transport the FS Fujara disassembled while you can damage the joints easily !

The tenon joints on my collapsible fujara got stuck, what shall I do ?

The tenons got stuck on my assembled fujara:

Read the instructions on how to correctly disassemble your FS collapsible fujara.
Leaving your collapsible fujara assembled for a long time can cause the tenons get stuck. When you have problems by disassembling, just hit the tenon joint slightly with your palm to release it. You have to be careful hitting the fujara precisely at the tenon. Pay attention not to hit it above or below the tenon joint while you can damage it. Afterwards try to disassemble it by screwing movement: pull and turn (screw) the particular pieces apart until separated completely (ask your friend to help you).

If you are lucky, the tenon joint's cork wrapping will be still OK. If not, some of the cork tenon wrapping could be torn away and would need a replacement.

I have problems by assembling my collapsible fujara - the tenon joints are too tight:
  1. Read the instructions on how to correctly assemble your FS collapsible fujara.
  2. Grease the tenon joints (the jack) with a cork grease.
  3. Now the tenons should slide well again.
  4. If not, you can brush away a little bit of the cork wrapping the jack by a sandpaper. Afterwards, you should grease the cork again with the cork grease. Please, just be careful while tight joint is always better then loose :)

The cork wrapping on my fujara tenon joint was damaged, what should I do ?

You can have the cork replaced in your local repair workshop, or contact us for repair.
However, if the cork wrapping is still sealing the fujara's tenon joint properly, and you can live with that, there is no need for replacement. In case the joint is damaged so badly, that it leaks air, the replacement is necessary and should be done as soon as possible.

Should I remove the cork plug at the bottom of the small air pipe after playing (It is in there real tight) ?

After playing your fujara ALWAYS !!! FIRST pull out the mouthpiece and THEN drain the condensation !!! from the smaller fujara air pipe:
To pour out the collected saliva either pull out the removable cork plug or just tilt your fujara and let out the condensation through the mouthpiece hole. Only then allow your fujara to rest in upright standing position. After long playing, never stand your fujara upside-down or the condensation can get into the flute's fipple sound device and damage it seriously.

FS Fujara came with 3 mouth pieces. Is this in case of losing one or do you change them often to keep a fresh dry one all the time?

We are enclosing 3 mouthpieces with every FS Fujara, FuYara or Fujaridoo so that you would have some spare when loosing one.

Does the mouth piece go into the hole with the beveled side pointing up or does it make any difference at all?

The mouthpiece is put into the mouthpiece hole at the bottom end of the smaller fujara air pipe. It is important that the beveled side is pointing up so that the air could flow up freely without any obstacles.

The first mouthpiece I used got swelled up and stuck in the tube, and is really hard to remove it. What shall I do ?

When you play the fujara extensively, due to impact of the condensation, the mouthpiece gets swelled and can get stuck. To prevent it, when playing for a longer time, move the mouthpiece little bit (pull it out and back again to release it a bit) also during the playing. Afterwards, you should pull it out completely and let out the condensation.

If your mouthpiece got stuck so firmly that cannot be removed, please follow these steps:
  1. Let out all the condensation completely. In this case it is wise to pull out the cork plug beneath the mouthpiece. Do not spill out the condensation through the mouthpiece while it can swell even more.
  2. Let the fujara rest in standing position for some time to dry. Afterwards, the mouthpiece should be already released and can be pulled out more easily.
    After long playing, never stand your fujara upside-down or the condensation can get into the flute's sound device and damage it seriously.

I bought some pure Almond Oil & Tea Tree Oil for oiling. OK ?

Yes, Almond Oil with few drops of Tea Tree Oil is almost perfect. However, many fujara maestros say that the paraffin oil is the best. In my opinion perfect combination is paraffin with few drops of tea tree oil. However, any quality non-degrading oil will work fine.

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