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Fujara overtone bass flute repairs and voice improvement.

Free repairs of Folkart Slovakia sold instruments:

We will gladly repair minor flute voice degradations or small cracks of all instruments sold by Folkart Slovakia free of charge for a lifetime.

This is a goodwill but it doesn't cover everything though: If we find that your flute cannot be easily repaired due to your mistreatment, eg. cracks in the mainpipe, seriously damaged sounddevice, etc., we will charge you a fair price corresponding with the needed treatment.

For details on issued warranty, please see
Folkart Slovakia Terms of Service.

Please consult the repair in beforehand:
email:, phone: +421-327431140

Repairs of "other" Fujara flutes or shepherd pipes

( Repairs of Fujara flutes not buyed through Folkart Slovakia - )

We are ready to repair any Fujara flute or shepherd pipe for a fair price corresponding with the needed treatment.
Please inform us what exactly is wrong with your Fujara flute / shepherd pipe and consult the repair in beforehand:, phone: +421-327431140

We will then assess the costs of needed treatment and will recommend you the best solution.

Fujara flute voice improvement:

For additional charge of 120 EUR we can enhance the overtones, overall sound and playability of any Fujara flute to very good or excellent level according to possibilities of particular Fujara flute.

Overtones, voice and playability of all Fujara flute's presented in our Fujara instrument galleries are guaranteed to be enhanced to excellent level:

  • Overtones:
  • Voice:        
  • Playability:  

However we cannot change the fujara's pitch or its overall tuning.

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