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Folkart Slovakia Folk Flutes

(Fujara, Fujaridoo, Overtone Flute, 6-hole Whistle, Double whistle)

Folkart Slovakia folk woodwind instruments are selected and designed to achieve superior sound quality for the lowest price possible.
We thrive hard to maintain the best quality-to-price ratio by careful wood selection and curing process, effective use of modern technologies as well as precise hand work employing the best of the Fujara and shepherd pipe making know-how accumulated in Slovakia over centuries.

Fujara flutes:

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Shepherd Pipes:

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Folkart Slovakia Fujara Flutes

Free shipping worldwide by EMS (Express Mail Service) directly to your door

All Folkart Slovakia Fujara flutes and Fujaridoos are shipped worldwide free of charge. There are no additional costs beside the instrument's price. Standard package includes:

Aircraft friendly reusable packaging

All Folkart Slovakia Fujara flutes are shipped in aircraft friendly reusable packaging - plastic (PVC) tube closed by removable plastic lids.

Padded carrying bag

Padded carrying bag is included with every Folkart Slovakia Fujara flute for free.

Optional wooden case

Custom-made, elegant, wooden case can be ordered for any collapsible Fujara flute or Fujaridoo for EUR 95.

Folkart Slovakia Fujaridoo

Fujaridoo is a smart combination of collapsible Fujara flute and collapsible Didgeridoo. The Fujaridoo keystone lies in Folkart Slovakia Fujara Flute (natural or lathe-turned) which can be rebuilt into Didgeridoo by two additional extensions - didgeridoo bell and mouthpiece.

Fujaridoo consists of:

  • Folkart Slovakia Fujara flute - hand-bored or lathe-turned
  • Two Didgeridoo extensions - didgeridoo bell & mouthpiece

Sound quality of the Fujara flute included in Fujaridoo remains the same as for regular Folkart Slovakia Fujara flutes !

Folkart Slovakia Shepherd Pipes

All Folkart Slovakia Shepherd Pipes are hand-made from well cured upland elder tree.

There is very long tradition of shepherd pipe crafting in Slovakia. Over centuries developed several kinds of folk shepherd's whistles from which the most popular are:

  • Overtone flute ("Koncovka", read [kontsovka]) - fipple flute without any holes in the pipe. It is longer than normal whistle, from 50 cm (key of E) up to 90 cm (key of G). It is played by covering and uncovering of the bottom hole.
  • 6-hole whistle - six hole fipple flute similar in construction to Irish whistle. In Slovakia called shepherd's whistle.
  • Double whistle - combination of two shepherd pipes in the same tuning. One pipe is classical shepherd whistle with six holes on which the main melody is played. The other pipe does not have holes at all and it enriches the main melody by its 2 overtone base tones - it can be played like koncovka too.


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