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Selecting the Fujara flute?

There are many Fujara makers in Slovakia and therefore many different quality and differently priced bass overtone Fujara flutes.

So, how to choose the right Fujara flute then?

Every bass overtone Fujara flute is purely handmade so the manufacturer's work is indeed crucial.
Besides the sound quality level of your Fujara and the Fujara flute model, you need to decide on the Fujara flute tuning, decorations and whether you would prefer collapsible or whole Fujara flute.

However, at Folkart Slovakia, we have prepared only the finest selection of "bass" overtone Fujara flutes with the best quality-to-price ratio so that you would be satisfied with any choice...

Choosing the "right" bass overtone Fujara flute is connected with the following questions:

  1. What quality of the Fujara overtone flute do you need? Would you be satisfied with very good, excellent or would you prefer the best, concert quality bass overtone flute? Which Fujara feature is the most important to you? Overtones, Voice, Playability (breath) or Tuning?
    See more details on overtone Fujara sound categories.
  2. Would you prefer whole or collapsible overtone Fujara flute? Thanks to its grand dimension is Fujara indeed deep bass (contrabass) flute. Standard Fujara in Slovakia is key of G, 174 cm /67 inches/ long bass overtone flute...
    All FS Collapsible Fujara flutes are shipped free of charge WORLDWIDE, while the whole fujara flutes are shipped free of charge within EU only. To ship whole fujara flute overseas can is quite expencive.
    Comparison of whole and collapsible Fujara overtone flutes.
  3. What Fujara flute key would you prefer? Three recommended bass Fujara flute tunings are:
    • Perfect bass flute is Fujara in key of G (174 cm / 68" long), which is in Slovakia deemed as a standard.
    • Even deeper bass flute is Fujara in key of F (192 cm / 75" long).
    • Somewhat higher pitched bass flute with clearer but still characteristic fujara voice is Fujara in key of A (150 cm / 60" long).
  4. Do you wish your overtone Fujara flute to be decorated or rather to save some money and have instead plain, naturaly finished Fujara bass flute?

After finding answers to these questions you should know exactly, what your dream deep bass overtone flute should be like. Now it is time to look at Fujara flute models and compare your dream with the reality. Short description and sound category of each Fujara flute craftsmen you will find in Folkart Slovakia instrument gallery should be helpful.


To calculate the final price, add to the Fujara flute price the shipping costs. With any ordered Fujara overtone flute you will get padded carrying bag free of charge!

On request, audio sample of "your" chosen Fujara flute can be provided for download so that you can hear the Fujara flute for yourself. Only after you would be satisfied with its sound quality we will charge you the agreed sum and ship you the overtone bass Fujara flute.

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