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Buyer's Guide

You can choose your dream fujara flute from available fujara models presented in our Fujara gallery. Each fujara model represents one chosen fujara maker. All cooperating lutiers are selected personally from many to achieve the best quality-to-price ratio. Furthermore, all finished fujara flutes are individually play-tested and divided into several sound categories, where only the best of them are chosen to be sold through - read more about fujara flute assessment.

If you need help in choosing the right fujara, please consult the FAQ - how to choose ?

Read below:

Six good reasons why to buy Fujara from Folkart Slovakia -

  1. All fujara flutes sold through are personally play-tested and afterwards divided into due sound categories. This is the best guarantee that you will always get the quality which you pay for.
  2. Folkart Slovakia cooperates only with the best, carefully chosen fujara makers. Beside that, we continuously search for new talents and offer them the best working conditions possible.
  3. We believe in fair trade. Our fujara makers earns fair price according to the quality of the fujara flutes they make. This system encourages our Fujara makers to constantly improve the quality of their instruments.
  4. We continuously try to improve the quality of our fujara flutes. A fujara that would be concert grade 5 years ago, would now rate only excellent+. Thusly, we have achieved nowadays even BETTER QUALITY THAN EVER BEFORE !
  5. Superior warranty - From the date of purchase is on all new instruments extended TWO YEARS warranty against defective materials and workmanship in manufacture.
    However, small cracks or minor flute voice degradation will be repaired free of charge long life: Every Folkart Slovakia contracted craftsman agrees to repair his Fujara flutes long life free of charge.
    For warranty details please see Folkart Slovakia Terms of Service.
  6. Satisfaction guarantee - All the products are 100% guaranteed to satisfy you.
    If not, send them back within 30 days in its original condition for an exchange or refund excluding shipping cost and transaction fees.
    For details on return and refund policy please see Folkart Slovakia Terms of Service.

Buying fujara from other source than ?

Any two fujara flutes, even made by the same fujara maker, can and USUALLY ARE very different. One can be fabulous and the other really poor. To avoid buying bad fujara from otherwise great maker, try to follow these advises:

  1. When buying from an unknown source, always ask for an audio sample of the particular fujara you are actually buying:
    The quality of many fujara flutes sold in Slovakia is very bad - aimed at lower price and nice decorations, not the sound (tourist's fujara). There are apr. only 10 good fujara flute makers out of more than 100. Nonetheless, even the quality of the fujara flutes made by the best fujara makers usually varies greatly. So, with little bad luck, you can eventually end up with a bad fujara from a great maker (what can be worse, than a good fujara from an average maker).
    Audio sample of your particular fujara will surely help you to judge its real qualities (you can compare the audio sample to the ones presented at
  2. When buying fujara from other fujara maker than Folkart Slovakia, always choose whole fujara flute (main pipe is made from one long piece of wood).
    In the long run, you will be certainly more satisfied with a non-collapsible (traditional) fujara made from one piece of wood: The quality of tenon joints of collapsible fujara flutes made by other (traditional) fujara makers is usually not as good as should be, degrading thus overall quality of even otherwise good fujara (On contrary, Folkart Slovakia Fujara flute's joints are the best quality possible- no complaint over recent 5 years).
  3. Beware of anyone trying to persuade you that his/her fujara is the best. No one can tell his/her fujara is better than some other without directly comparing the particular fujara flutes, piece by piece, tone by tone, scatter by scatter, in the same environment (this is actually how Folkart Slovakia judges all our available fujara flutes).

After all, you can't go wrong choosing your fujara flute at We cooperate with many outstanding fujara makers from all around of Slovakia, and even from these we only select the best playing Fujara flutes.

For example, Overtone Rich Fujara flutes are produced by one particular maker (credits given upon purchase). All finished fujara flutes are play-tested and afterwards divided into several sound categories. The best ones, in "concert" or "excellent+" sound category, are presented and sold through our fujara flute gallery. The rest, approximately 30-40% of the whole production of Overtone Rich Fujara flutes (good, very good or excellent sound category), are then sold by the maker in other local folk shops. The difference between the best concert grade fujara and one in very good sound category is surprisingly big and is obvious on the first blow ...

With respect,

Tomas Kovac
Folkart Slovakia, manager.

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