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FAQ - buying a fujara flute ...?

How should I choose the "right" fujara flute ?

Please, see FAQ - how to choose.

What actually are the various fujara types presented in the fujara gallery ?

Every fujara type presented in our Fujara instrument gallery represent different fujara maker. Hand-chosen fujara flutes from one particular maker are thus named according their best characteristics: "Overtone Rich Fujara" flutes excel in rich overtones, "Natural Beauty Fujara" flutes ex cell in wood selection and its beautiful natural finish ... "Folkart Slovakia Fujara" flutes are produced solely by our company, and are named after it - Folkart Slovakia.

Who are our Fujara flute makers?

Folkart Slovakia cooperates closely with the selected fujara flute makers from all around of Slovakia (credits given upon purchase).

Respecting the privacy of our customers as well as our flute makers, we never sell, trade, give away, or otherwise share any personal information with anyone. For complete privacy policy please see Folkart Slovakia Terms of Service.

I am smaller in figure. Can I play the fujara comfortably ?

You do not have to be "big" to play fujara:

I am myself (Tomas Kovac) - 176 cm / 69" high, and I can play all the available fujara overtone bass flutes comfortably. However, if you are much smaller or have "shorter" hands, please let us know this in beforehand and we can prepare for you a customized fujara flute (with no surcharge).

Which fujara flutes are suitable for "smaller" persons ?

In case you are under 165cm / 65", you can (but not necessarily have to) have problems playing some fujara overtone bass flute types or keys:

Recommended keys - for "smaller" persons under 165cm/65":

  1. A key - 150 cm / 60" long overtone bass flute
    can be played comfortably by anybody
  2. G key - 172 cm / 67" long overtone bass flute:
    can be played comfortably after some customization (free of charge)

We do not recommend you !:

  • F key ( 190 cm / 75" long overtone bass flute) - this fujara is simply too big !
  • Collapsible Fujara flute in 3 parts - due to its construction, this fujara type is suitable for taller (over 175 cm / 65") persons only !

Is it possible to listen to fujara flute prior to buying ?

We believe that anybody should have the chance to listen to the musical instrument prior to buying it!
Upon request, we can make audio samples available for download before any payment, also for custom ordered Fujara flutes. Only after you would be satisfied with your Fujara flute sound quality, the payment is made and we will ship the fujara flute.
It is in our interest that you could hear your flute prior to buying it as we prefer only satisfied customers :)

How can I order a fujara flute ?

To order please contact us either by e-mail: or phone: +421-908404765, or visit us personally.
Find out more on how to order a fujara flute.

How can I pay for the fujara flute ?

You can choose any of these payment methods:

  • Credit card payment through secure virtual terminal of Tatra Bank, inc.
    Credit cards accepted: VISA, EUROCARD / MASTERCARD .
  • Moneybookers - online payment service - cheapest and fastest payment method!
    "local" payments from over 30 countries accepted (fee EUR 0.50).
  • Direct bank to bank international wire transfer (fee EUR 7 - within EU).
  • Western Union money transfer. We accept cheques denominated in US Dollars only (fee USD 15).

Find out more about payment & shipment methods.

How are the ordered instruments shipped ?

Our musical instruments are shipped well packed and insured against damage in shipment. Before sending, each instrument is fully checked against defective workmanship and play-tested.

  • All the instruments marked by FREE SHIPPING are shipped free of charge (WORLDWIDE or within EU).
  • By all other instruments the shipping charges will be added to each invoice and are paid by the customer.

Find out more about the shipping costs and delivery times.

How are the ordered Fujaras packed?

  • Whole Fujara flutes are usually shipped in plastic tube or in original FedEx packaging - FedEx Tube.
  • Collapsable Fujara flutes are shipped in reusable (very strong) plastic tubes closed in plastic lids.
    If the custom wooden box is ordered with a collapsable Fujara flute, it will be shipped in it.
  • Padded gig bag valued EUR 25 is provided for EVERY ordered fujara flute FREE of charge (collapsable as well as whole fujara flutes).

Do I need for my Fujara the wooden box ?

Wooden box is made for collapsable Fujara flutes only. All ordered collapsable Fujara overtone bass flutes come with padded carrying bag included free of charge and are shipped in reusable plastic tubes. However, if you like elegance and would like to invest more into your fujara protection, our custom-made wooden box is a superior solution.

Elegant wooden box is especially recommended for Fujara flutes collapsable into 3 parts.

What is included with the ordered Fujara ?

  • With whole Fujara flute you will also get padded carrying bag.
  • With collapsable Fujara flute you will get padded carrying bag and reusable, aircraft-friendly packaging. All Folkart Slovakia collapsible Fujara flutes are shipped WORLDWIDE free of charge.

Is there any warranty provided?

Two years warranty against defective materials and workmanship in manufacture is extended on all new instruments.
... however, smaller cracks or minor flute voice degradation will be repaired free of charge LONG LIFE !!!

For warranty details please see Folkart Slovakia Terms of Service.

Is there any satisfaction warranty provided?

All the products are 100% guaranteed to satisfy you.
If not, send them back within 30 days in its original condition for an exchange or refund excluding shipping cost and transaction fees.
For details on return and refund policy please see Folkart Slovakia Terms of Service.

Is it possible to return ordered instruments?

You can return any ordered instrument(s) within first 30 days from the day of delivery for refund or replacement.

  • In case the return is a result of our error we will refund the full price paid.
  • In all other cases we will replace the instrument or refund the paid price less due fees.

For details on return and refund policy please see Folkart Slovakia Terms of Service.

Is it possible to repair my flute?

All instruments that have been set up are guaranteed except damage due to neglect, mistreatment or adverse atmospheric conditions.
However, small cracks or minor flute voice degradation will be repaired free of charge:
Every Folkart Slovakia contracted craftsman agrees to repair his flutes lifelong free of charge. This is a goodwill but it doesn't cover everything though. So, please care for your woodwind instruments properly.

Read more details on Fujara flute repairs and voice improvement.

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