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Fujara CD shop

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Traditional Fujara flute CDs:

  • Fujara Confession
  • Fujaristi from beneath Polana
  • My Dear Pipes
  • Fujarists from Kokava
  • Fujarists
   Priced each EUR 12.

Alternative Fujara flute CDs:

  • Marco Trochelman: Fujara
  • Naturton: FUJARA & - fujara solo
  • Naturton: ODEM - fujara and didgeridoo
  • Naturton: Fujara & Didjeridu - "documentary"
  • Naturton: DOME - fujara and didgeridoo 

To order, please send us email listing the CDs desired:

Shipping costs:

Shipping cost of ONE CD (to e.g. USA, Japan...) is EUR 4. TWO CD are shipped for EUR 5, THREE CD are shipped for EUR 6...

>> Complete list of all available Fujara CDs.

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