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Fujara crafting workshop

Workshop 5 days: suited for small groups between 3 – 5 persons in class.
Price: EUR 68 day/person
( accommodation inclusive - no boarding )

We will learn how to build one's own Fujara flute (and shepherd pipe). During the workshop will every participant build his own Fujara flute in key of C ( 125cm/50" long).

For every workshop participant will be provided all the needed tools as well as one piece of seasoned wood, the C key Fujara will be made from. In case something will go wrong, one spare piece of wood will be provided free of charge.

We can fit the lenght and program of the workshop to your needs. Please book your Fujara workshop or individual fujara lessons by email:

Accomodation :

Fujara workshop will take place in our guest house in Zavadka nad Hronom, a small village enclosed in a picturesque Hron river basin between the "Low Tatra" Mountains on the north and "Muran Plateu" on the south.

In the surrounding region are great opportunities for summer trips and winter tourism with downhill or cross-country skiing and road, mountain biking through the countryside, as well as cave exploring.
Next to our boarding house you can find a lovely pond with transparent water perfect for fishing and swimming in the heat of the summer (or iceskating in the freezing winter :)

What is included within the price?

  1. Accomodation (no boarding)
  2. Tuition (as much as you are interested in)
  3. All the needed tools as well as piece of suitable and well cured wood.
  4. All the optional trips
  5. Car - I will drive it
  6. 10% discount on any Fujara flute when bought personally during the fujara workshop

For aditional EUR 50 we can pick you up from Budapest, Vienna, or Bratislava airport the time you specify and drive you directly to Zavadka nad Hronom.

Fujara building workshop - Schedule:

Day 1

Stop in Banska Bystrica for lunch.
Continue East to Zavadka nad Hronom to accomodate and meet the artists, perhaps making the first steps in our Fujara study. Later at the evening we will go to dinner in very special tradition Slovak restaurant “Koliba”.

Day 2

At the morning, we will take small walk to know the village.
We will take a class to learn about the tools and woods and we will start
working the wood.
Optional: Around evening time upon your interest we will go to evening activity.

Day 3

During the morning we continue with our work (depend on the weather, we can go work
at the nature).
Optional: Around noontime, we will visit ice cave "Dobsina", and we will return to
continue with our work.

Day 4

Morning time we will proceed with our work.
Optional: Noontime we can make seminar for free climbing or pay visit to National Park Muranska Plateau and we will prepare "Gulas - traditional meal" in the nature.

Day 5

We will fine tune and finish our Fujara overtone flute (and the faster ones also the 6-hole whistle).
Optional: upon remaining time we can go rafting on the Dunajec or tracking in National Park Slovak Paradise.

After successful completion of the workshop you will have your own C key Fujara flute valued EUR 140.

Optional trips or longer staying are welcome too.

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