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Traditional fujara folk songs

Based on notations provided by Dusan Holik.

For all the songs you can download MIDI audio file.
MP3 audio samples played on real fujara as well as fujara fingerings will be added soon.

All MP3 audio samples are recorded on standard collapsible Folkart Slovakia Fujara flutes
(FS fujara flutes).

Hudu, ze mi hudu (They play me)

(slovak folk song)

Idem, idem (I go, I go)

(Slovak folk song)

Kamarati moji (My friends)

(Slovak folk song)

Na kraji Ocovej (At the end of Ocova)

(Slovak folk song)

Nelejte, nelejte (Do not fill my cup again)

(Slovak folk song)

Pust ma, baca (Let me go, shepherd)

(Slovak folk song)

Svietila zornicka (Little star shines)

(Slovak folk song)


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