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by Jan Mamernout

"With these recordings, I hope to reveal something of the fascinating sound of the Fujara.

Featuring Fujara and Didgeridoo playing together!

I also hope that, far from being a traditional fujara-player, I can contribute a bit to the discovery and appreciation of maybe one of the oldest flutes from our Western culture.
Fujara is one of the oldest flutes of eastern Europe. A real discovery!"


Jan's musical CV

1.Opening II  6:13  - Singing bowls, Spanish Cowbell, Fujara.
2. Waves 1:16  - Four double Fujara's.
3. Fujara 12:53  - Fujara, Berimbau, Shruti-box, Rattles, Swedish overtone Flute, Tingsha's.
4. Lost Valleys 7:56 - Didge 1 &; 2, Shruti-box, Fujara.
5. Riding with the Wind 5:34 - Fujara, Jew's Harp, Bull-roarer, Tube, Frame-drum.
6. Coming Home 8:21  - Fujara, Shruti-box.
7. Melange Bizarre 3:42  - Jew's Harp, Udu, Shakers, Fujara, Didge.
8. The Gift 10:49 - Fujara, Singing Bowl, Bass-drum, Jew's Harp, Triangle, Conga.
9. Puja 4:02  - Jew's Harp, Fujara, Singing Bowl, Bass-drum, Voice, Ghost-tube, Nepalese Bell.
10. Sundance 4:58 - Fujara's, Udu's, Wind-chimes, Jew's Harp, Shakers.
11. Double Fujara 5:17 - Double Fujara.

Total time 71:12

All compositions written and all instruments played by Jan Marmenout.
Digitally recorded, mixed and mastered at Highgate Music by Ivan Candaele.
Basic dubs of tracks 3 and 10 recorded by Philippe de Chaffoy.
Produced by Ivan Candaele.

© 1998 Highgate Music, all rights reserved.

Jan's musical Curiculum Vitae

As a young boy already Jan was fascinated by the archaic haunting sounds of some of the 'old world-heritage' musical instruments. He left his home-town at the age of 19 and started to travel through Southern and Eastern Europe, where he spent some time with Gypsy families. As his interest in the old traditional world grew stronger, he left 'modernized' Europe and yearning to go deeper into the old roots of life and music, he ventured further and went to Morocco, where he stayed one year and a half, mostly with the Berber people up in the Middle-Atlas mountains. Afterwards, he travelled to South America, where he also spent one year.
He started his career as a percussionist playing in different third-world bands. He plays solo ethnical instruments with the classical ensemble of Dirk Brossť (La Soledad, Artesia, The Birth of Music) and with Ann Vancoillie (violin) in the ensemble Ethnic-Classic.
In his concerts he plays a whole range of ethnical instruments. Fujara, Singing Stones, Udu, Berimbau, Kalimba, Didjeridoo, different types of flutes and percussion instruments.

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